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Search engine optimization is a complicated, detail-oriented endeavour, requiring a thorough understanding of how search engines work. At Guerrilla Insights, we make it easy to increase your website’s traffic through improved search engine rankings via natural, organic, and algorithmic means.

At Guerrilla Insights, every search engine optimization campaign is developed individually by our team. After an extensive keyword and competitor analysis is has been completed, we will address your on-page optimization, and any technical and content shortcomings that impair optimal Google ranking are optimized.

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Off-Site SEO Analysis
An extensive keyword analysis is the foundation of each search engine optimization. This step also includes the study of competitors, the links (internal and external), social media visibility, and the international and multilingual use of the website.

Technical SEO Optimizations
Technical SEO optimizations involve correctly using the relevant SEO tags such as title tags, meta descriptions, and heading tags and include improving the page load speed and the use of structured data. Furthermore, it should consist of verification that search engines can index all relevant pages.

Usability Sign
In this step, the usability of the website is evaluated. The website should be user-friendly when accessed from desktop computers as well as from mobile devices. The usability of smartphones has become very important. Studies about user behavior and the several new recommendations provided by Google in the past months provided evidence for this fact.

Link Building
In this step, information from the off-site analysis serves as the basis for improvements in the external links' quantity and quality.

Content Marketing
Users will readily share and link to high-quality content. For this reason, content marketing is a crucial component of an SEO strategy.

Social Media Marketing
The visibility of a website in social media positively impacts search engine rankings, just like backlinks. As a result, social media marketing needs to be part of successful SEO optimization and all the previous steps.

Index: Store and organize the content found during the crawling process. Once a page is in the index, it’s in the running to be displayed as a result to relevant queries.

Measure Metrics
Clicks (visits from search)
Time on page (amount of time the visitor spent on a page before leaving it)
Bounce rate (the percentage of all website sessions where users viewed only one page)
Pogo-sticking (clicking on an organic result and then quickly returning to the SERP to choose another result)